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As with any architectural structure, if the foundation is not stable then the structures above can suffer. This applies to your feet, the foundation of your body. Imbalances of the bones of the feet can result in abnormal foot motion which can result in rotation of the legs and sometimes affect the knees, hips, and back.

What Is an Orthotic?

Orthotics are to feet what eyeglasses are to eyes.

This is a device made from a 3D Digital scan of the foot using a mini iPad and is form fitted to the foot. It is worn comfortably in most types of shoes. Its purpose is to prevent abnormal motion of the foot while allowing for normal motion. Orthotics can ease the pain of bunions, heel pain, calluses, arch pain, tired/achy feet and can prevent the progression of many foot problems. An orthotic is designed to control the mechanics of the foot to a precise degree - from the heel contact phase of walking through midstance and toe-off phases.

Aren't Orthotic Devices Just Expensive Arch Supports?

A simple arch support is designed to push up against the arch with standing. It is for "static stance" and not for "dynamic motion". This means that an arch support will not control the biomechanics of foot function at all. Everyone's feet are different and because bone imbalances are so varied, a precise prescription for each patient is required.  Most major medical plans cover the cost of prescription orthotics.

How Are Orthotics Fabricated?

Accent on Feet will perform a gait analysis and study the way your foot functions with walking and standing. The joint range of motion studies is completed in order to determine where the foot imbalances exist. In-house X-rays may be required. The 3D scan is sent to a specialized laboratory for fabrication. The technicians will then use the Podiatrist's measurements and other findings and after about 23 steps, will have an orthotic that should correctly reposition your foot with every step you take.

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