With over 39 years of helping patients address their foot issues, we’ve had a lot of great questions provided by our community. Below is a list of the questions we hear the most from our community. These questions provide a further breakdown on topics such as fees, where we’re located, our services, and more.

Who is Hartley Miltchin DPM (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine) ?

Hartley Miltchin DPM is a Toronto based Podiatrist with over 39 years of experience. He utilizes the REAL Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery (MIS) and has helped thousands of people across the world correct their bunions and hammertoes. Click here to learn more about Hartley Miltchin DPM.

Where is Accent on Feet located?

Accent on Feet is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The exact address of our clinic is 4430 Bathurst Street, Suite 503. #TOEronto

What is the fee to have your bunion corrected at Accent on Feet?

Due to each patient case being different from each other, we cannot provide a fee, fee range, estimate or ‘ballpark figure’ until we examine the foot/feet, take digital x-rays and determine the extent of the foot issue(s) through a comprehensive consultation. To set up a consultation with our Podiatrist and Accent on Feet, please give us a call at (416) 635-8637 or toll free at 1-866-535-8637. Our long time, knowledgeable and friendly staff, will be happy to answer all your questions.

Are your procedures covered by Ontario's Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)?

Unfortunately, Podiatry in Ontario, is not covered by OHIP. Some patients have coverage from work insurance or spouse’s plans.

Do you need a referral from a family doctor?

No, a doctor referral is not needed to visit Accent on Feet. To set up a consultation, you are welcome to contact our clinic.

Do you have any recommendations for other Podiatrists who can perform Minimally Invasive Surgeries for bunions?

Yes! In the event you can’t visit our clinic, we have compiled a list of Podiatrists throughout the world that we would recommend to you here. We will be updating this list regularly.

Does Hartley Miltchin DPM travel to other parts of the world to perform surgeries?

Unfortunately, he only performs surgeries at his clinic located in Toronto, Ontario. To set up an appointment at his Toronto clinic, please give us a call at (416) 635-8637 or toll free at 1-866-535-8637.

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